Custom Built-Ins

Choose our company for custom built-in shelving and trim work in Rockton & Rockford, IL

Finding the right furniture to fit your style can be challenging. That's why Fixzer Construction will design and construct custom built-in shelving. We work with homeowners in Rockton, IL to design shelving units made specifically for their homes. Whether you want a contemporary look or something traditional, we'll create something that fits in perfectly with your home's aesthetic.

Contact our construction team today to begin designing custom built-in shelving for your home.

3 benefits of installing custom trim in your home

Fixzer Construction has over 30 years of experience crafting custom trim work for local homeowners. Updating your home's trim can:

  1. Highlight the architectural details of your home
  2. Re-create your older home's original appearance
  3. Customize your interior design from ceiling to floor
Give yourself the gift of an interior that stands out. Reach out for a free estimate on custom trim work for your residential property.